10 Bollywood Actors who can not speak fluent English

ये 10 Bollywood Actors ठीक से नहीं बोल पाते अंग्रेजी, नंबर 7 तो है सुपरस्टार

Updated: | Sat, 14 Dec 2019 04:40 PM (IST)

10 Bollywood Actors who can not speak fluent English: If you think that dazzled in the world of the occupants of the English parroted, then it is not. Film the world in your performance from the heart to win and plenty of money some of the actors of English is quite weak. Some so this time to acknowledge too. There are only 10 celebrities of list is being provided that ferrite with English-speaking difficulty in is:

1. Govinda

Govinda those celebs in the list of one of which is that Punjabi and English ferreted don’t speak. He know English but the big easing can’t speak. She is your mother tongue or in English speak prefer.

2. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the Bollywood talented actors and he is English speaking only prefer special media interaction in English because in just are raw.

3. Dharmendra

Bollywood legend Dharmendra to your great acting is recognized for but he is Hindi and Punjabi speaking in per do.

4. Hema Malini

Hema Malini South Indian who Dharmendra was married to. Same like Hema also English if fluent is not. Even in Bollywood entry of ago, he English classes also took.

5. Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth in a normal family, born were. His school education after he conductor, Carpenter and Porter like many work made. Higher education the chance to get not found and not only of learning English. He parroted the Tamil speaking but English weak on hold.

6. Bow

Rajinikanth’s son-in-law and popular South films actor bow is also English ferrite’t find the lyrics. He English with is not too comfortable and the mother tongue in Tamil speaking prefer.

7. Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar know English but the national language Hindi in the thing to feel more comfortable. Although it sometimes seems that in English very much good play can’t, but it makes them no matter.

8. Kailash Kher

Singer Kailash Kher is always the same in Hindi only to speak prefer. Any interaction in them in Hindi the same thing while will see them because the prorated’t speak English comes.

9. Kangana not

Bollywood’s Queen Kangana not even in English is weak. He once admit that was weak in English due to their fun flyer and was due to the corresponding he of this language the and learning, a passion awakened.

10. Namrata Shirodkar

Namrata Shirodkar Maharashtrian is. So he Ferrite from not English speaking fade but somehow manage picks. Other celebs like in the mother tongue only to speak and prefer English too good speaking it.

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