100 Billion Whatsapp Messages Send On New Year

100 Billion Whatsapp Messages Send On New Year

New Years on the sidelines of the people liked each other gifts and congratulations proceeded. You know that WhatsApp on the New Year’s wishes of what the figure is? 100 billion! Yes, December 31, from a the middle of January the whole world in 100 billion WhatsApp messages exchanged.

Never before has such a large number in WhatsApp exchange messages had not occurred so these data a record has become. Let me tell you that in India, 40 million more people to WhatsApp use.

By the way if people and from the platforms also will have to be used. People WhatsApp addition to Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, including many social media apps used wishes to do. But this year, the New Year on which record WhatsApp has made she really surprised is.

These are the WhatsApp of smart tricks, which give chatting a great experience

Figures which have come to the fore according to the 20 billion messages so only in India, exchanges have been made. 12 Arab image people liked each other released. The company claims that who sent the message and who has sent them both company in addition to also these messages not read may.

WhatsApp used to be on the vigilante, a message because of the app, have to uninstall

You know whats the world’s most popular messaging app in India and also millions of people this app to use it. It contains text message in addition to voice call and video call also facilitates. Of its popularity due to its quite simple and user friendly is said to be.

These headphone will not run in Oracle

WhatsApp now in Windows Phone will not. WhatsApp has phone support closure is announced. On December 31, after any Windows Phone WhatsApp will not run while a February 2020 after the old Android phones also WhatsApp support will be closed. According to information I had already some Windows Phone support was closed. At the moment these messaging app for Windows 8.1 and above version was running on but now these headphone also on WhatsApp will not. WhatsApp Microsoft on the AppStore also have been removed.

Published: 04 Jan 2020 01:18 PM

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