11 Redmi Note 8 Pro Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks in Hindi

11 Redmi Note 8 Pro Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks in Hindi

Redmi Note 8 Pro, Xiaomi’s latest smartphone which is the company has once again MediaTek chipset is used. Helio G90T introduced with Note 8 Pro best gaming performance in addition to MIUI, the software runs on is.

LG the software you customization to feature quite similar with the navigation is also easy. If you have Redmi Note 8 Pro device so you can easily tips and tricks of your device in use can so let’s look at is some of the best tips and tricks on:

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1. Note 8 Pro from Add Remove

Xiaomi phones you significantly add to see is that you have someone from a place completely removed can’t have but a few different places from of sure can then let us know the whole process:

Home screen: On the screen was a little while until the tap be Keep On You Home screen in the settings can go. Its time in the launcher settings you add of can.

App Vault: Xiaomi phones most of the left on the screen given app Walt the result you recomendations the OF can. You App Vault settings are recomendations option to remove can. In addition, there if you want a voltage of your choice to customise also can.

App scanner of to do: Scanner on screen you add and recomendations appear whenever you have a new application installed can. It disables to on the Settings icon to go to you image given in all the highlighted option off will do.

2. Alexa to to manage the

Redmi Note 8 Pro for the first time in any phone you Alexa’s built-in support get to see. The same time for Alexa to use on the experience not much better but having the other user to it working properly is.

If you Alexa notifications from disturbing you the notification icon a little while on tap to keep you them of can.

You Alexa to change first go to Settings >> Alexa. If you Alexa of considerable use, then you go to Settings >> Apps >> manage app >> triple dot >> default app on the go and make it the default assistant of the on set can.

3. Dark mode

Redmi K20 Pro in AMOLED display is given so here are the better and deeper black get to see. And if you like it, then do dark mode, you will not like?

For it first of all to Settings >> Display and then Dark Mode on us. In the corresponding menu you colour temperature also adjusting can.

4. Blur recent apps

Recent app under you your recently used one of the application, which shows your privacy in trouble gives. No other if your device uses so she can see that you have your phone in what were doing.

Redmi Note 8 Pro You recent app the blur to the option have been given. For it the to to home screen on Settings. Subsequently, the “More” settings by tapping on the “capture preview” to enable can. Subsequently, you have your choice of application, the blur can make.

5. Quick reply

It by Google Android 10 given quick reply as feature is not. But the settings >> special feature under the menu you selected Messages app for quick replay option on can.

Once the enable you to an incoming message the right bottom of you reply to options also get. In it you type easily by directly replace Can.

6. Call identification and call recording

Truecaller today in the time of the call identification of the area in almost the largest name and its alternative even in the market many popular prove not have. So the Note 8 Pro you inbuilt identification of the feature is also given.

Samsung, Vivo, Oppo and OnePlus like Xiaomi even calls it the settings under the. In it you dialer app via the settings under this feature on or off can. In the corresponding menu you call recording to manage to also option has given.

7. Headphones and audio effect

MIUI 10 you audio output to fine-tune to a much better equalizer has been. For it first of all to Settings >> Additional Settings > headphones and audio effects.

Here you have some presets also available, which is Xiaomi’s headphones with even better work.

8. Monitoring and phone usage limit

In today’s time use the phone very said needed to be protected which, because quite often our productivity also has an impact. Phone much used, judging it necessary that you keep your mobile usage to monitoring to and go you the phone said on how much can use that.

Similarly, given the phone in digital well-being of feature have been given. For this first go to Settings >> digital well-being >> the dashboard. In it you use the monitoring in addition to every application on the timer also can.

9. Face unlock faster

If you face recognition using plenty of then you it the and fast would like to make which Raise To Wake option is quite punchy proves.On the table, keeping a phone to raise the same Face Unlock to work you do unlock the phone you can.

For it first of all to Settings >> Lock screen- > > Rez-to-wake option on that.

10. Button change

If you have quite a shortcut of use or a device fairly quickly so that you every button combination with a task, the used can.

The button and shortcut option used to you first of all to Settings >> Additional Settings >> button and in the shortcut menu. In addition you Jesus also the same from the menu-off/on-can.


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