20 years ago, MRI machines were made was orgasm ! Learn why


Digital desk, London. You might at this point believe but by a team of scientists in fact people from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner inside the tube was said to so they have it figured out so that during coitus the male and female genitals pictures of taste is possible or not?

20 years ago it was and now coitus and female sexual arousal during the male and female genitals magnetic resonance imaging in the title of the article the medical journal BMJ the most downloaded articles from A has become.

It the thing revealed hardly He on the moon of the human being to step as be, but this research papers popular have become. Perhaps it’s because free people in the charm of the screen on the cohabitation of view, the possibility of be. Whether See all in black & white as it appears.

The Dutch team of scientists made by this type of experiments one of the aims was to find out sexual intercourse and women during sexual stimulation body composition about former and current ideas based on assumptions or on facts.

The main conclusions by 13 experiments, in which eight couple and three single women were in missionary position during sex male sex organ a boomerang shape would seem. It has also been found that during sexual stimulation the uterus size increases is not.

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Why sexual intercourse was done 20 years ago in an MRI machine
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