59 Year Old Famous Fashion Designer Wendell Rodricks Died In Goa

59 Year Old Famous Fashion Designer Wendell Rodricks Died In Goa

Famous fashion designer Wendell Rodricks of Goa, has died. Wendell Rodricks: the demise of the news of the entire fashion world in mourning the wave of race has been.

Mumbai: Well-known fashion designer Wendell Rodricks of Goa has passed away. The news is that gay rights (gay rights) to Ledeneva, environmental related tasks associated with Wendell the passing of his Goa home located in. Being told that he died heart attack come from, but at the moment of their death the real reason the Don’t know running found. They have 59 years of were.

Being informed that his funeral on Thursday, the day in Goa will be the same. It is noteworthy that the government of India em 2014 in the fourth largest civilian honour Padma Shri awarded the prize was. Them your fashion designing related tasks for many prestigious awards than he was.

Wendell himself is a gay and he was in Paris in a ceremony with your gay partner see more from the year 2002 had married. In such a way that during the gay man from Wendell of this wedding in India is quite the topic of discussion was made. Wendell Rodrigues born May 28, 1960 Goan Catholics in the family was born. He in 2003 released film ‘boom’ in a small role was played there in 2008 I and Madhur Bhandarkar and directed by the film in the fashion they real avatar in the eye came.

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