About smartphone price (Issues in Korea, October 2019)

PDF: http://www.practicus.co.kr/admin/upload/191028smartphone.pdf

스마트폰 가격에는 거품이 많다. 새로운 기능을 다 쓰는 사람은 없는데도, 스마트폰 제조사들은 고사양으로 만들면서 스마트폰 가격을 계속 올린다.
There is a smartphone price bubble. No one uses all the new features of new smartphones. Smartphone manufacturers unnecessarily upgrade the hardware and increase the price.
The smartphone bubble is about to burst. Constant upgrades have raised the prices of smartphones. We have hit a ceiling for new features that are being unused.
Cell phone companies have artificially pumped up the price of smartphones to a point where users are not utilizing the new features. This strategy has created a bubble of expensive phones and may backfire soon.

스마트폰으로 하는 일이 점점 많아지면서 수요에 맞추기 위해 사양과 가격이 올라가는 것이다. 거품이라고 볼 수 없다. 비싼 가격만큼의 값을 한다.
The functionality of our smartphones is constantly increasing. That’s why we need more upgraded, high-end smartphones. There is no bubble in smartphone prices. We simply get what we pay for.
The options are limitless with smartphones. For this reason, we need more sophisticated technology as time goes on. The bubble is a fallacy. We are getting our money’s worth.
The features on our smartphone are ever expanding. This is why we need our phones to be constantly improved. The price bubble for smartphones does not exist and the phones will be priced according to market demand.




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