Actor shared a video of son driving scooter on social mediaTV actor Ali Asgar gave him advice

इस एक्टर ने अपने 11 साल के बेटे को दिया स्कूटर तो Ali Asgar ने जताई नाराजगी

Updated: | Wed, 01 Jan 2020 05:40 PM (IST)

Famous Tv Actor Bakhtiar Irani, his son Zeus and a video on the social media stock has. The verses Zeus in a scooter run an eye is coming. Errani by your 11 year old son scooter to be given after the people gave them safety advice to give started. Actor Ali Asgar was even said that at least the helmet so should wear. Where on one side people are advising that the vehicle run time Safety keep while some celebs also this video on the reactor are.

Please tell that better has this video posted. On Instagram it can be seen. Better the son of them in this video a little farther up the scooter by running the showing. A little far and then the carriage return is returned. Please tell me that his son only 11 years old. Scooter run of legitimate age than she quite is behind.

Famous comedians Asghar Ali said on the Video Comment While it is written, ‘I will suggest that a responsible citizen in the form of at least the helmet, so wear.’ Ali many of the followers who are that advice Zeus are giving up. Besides these, there are a few who by their scooter to be unleashed against you because Zeus age of just 11 years.

However in the post Bakhtiar said video stock, while The asked Is ‘do I support it should. Many times you forward them out should pay. Many times tend to fear. It mix files are. Unless you are near the house so learn well. 11-year-old Zeus is learning.’

Please tell that Bakhtiyar and the of Met Fame Gurukul in 2006, was the and after both had married. Both of these two are children of which the son Zeus and daughter Zara is.

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