Ajay Devgn gained 4 kg weight in 4 months reason will make you laugh

अजय देवगन का वजन 4 दिन में 4 किलो बढ़ा, कारण कर देगा हैरान

Publish Date: | Wed, 04 Dec 2019 04:22 PM (IST)

Ajay Devgn’s next film Tanahji of restlessly is waiting for. Chhatrapati Shivaji’s reign, the tag on the bunny in this movie Ajay Devgn the lead roll in this trailer, seeing only understanding is that film how much stronger will. As the days moving forward are going to film, ranging impatience is also increasing, as well as The Associated things are coming in front. Recently the film makers said that the song ‘CSR-Ray CSR’ was launched. This is the song of the enemies in the Iron preparing to take the are Maratha warriors Josh has shown.

Your movie promotion at Kolkata reach Ajay Devgan will b speaking to the media said that this film My heart extremely close because it is in the film. I do believe you me it until then did not know until my director said this during shooting on the set not described was. We this movie is also my second films like between the people bring are trying and hopefully people see it will also.

When Ajay was asked that so many years in Bollywood, he learned what are then Ajay said “what I have learned is that sincerity, hard work and integrity there is no substitute. You work hard and everything else gets.” In the film Saif’s presence, ranging Ajay said that with them it is the third film and to work with them is fantastic.

A decade after Kolkata came Ajay has also pointed out that here the world to your wanting to stop not found. Ajay here is your next film ‘the field’ are shooting. Ajay said “after 13 years back I came and here of dainty eating in the past four days 4 kg increased the weight I have.”

Please tell that Ajay Devgan’s film to January 10 to arrive. It at the box office Deepika Padukone’s ‘take’ the bump will. ‘Field’ is also the next year the same release to be.

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