Alcatel SmartFlip Flip Phone Review: KaiOS in the USA?

Alcatel SmartFlip Review! A FLIP PHONE in 2019? This is my first experience with KaiOS, and it’s surprisingly capable. While we focus on premium expensive gadgets, there’s room at the entry level to sneak in. How much should it REALLY cost to cover the basics? Not a lot…
SmartFlip on AT&T

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  1. A good friend of mine and I were talking about him going to a dumbphone, having left social media. He was going to get one of those really sexy dumbphones that cost like $300. I sent him your video. I think there is something to be said for using Google Assistant to dictate texts.

  2. I'm having an issue with this phone not using the alert I chose for text messages. It's stuck on a very low beep sound and no matter what setting I change, the incoming text message notification stays the same. Any idea on how to change this

  3. That's the most beautiful flip phone in the world, too bad it's sold only in the United States. In Europe we have the Nokia 2720, but personally for the body and look I consider the Alcatel better than others.

  4. I was interested until you said that the phone comes with Google Assistant. I had this enabled on my Android device. A few months ago, my son said something about blueberries in a conversation about what he wanted for breakfast. From inside my pocket, my Android phone started telling me about the health benefits of blueberries. The phone was eavesdropping on my conversation from inside my pants pocket…not even powered on. At that exact moment, I decided that I want a flip phone.

  5. If someone made unlocked KaiOS phone like the JioPhone 2 (with Blackberry like QWERTY keyboard) and sold it in Europe I'd actually buy it ASAP. I really hoped HMD would make one, but they seem to just be interested in making retro Nokias right now.

  6. After using an iPhone for more than a decade, I decided I had had enough with smartphones for a variety of reasons (been there, done that), so I started looking at options about a year ago. Hopefully, next month, I will get my long-awaited Light Phone 2, but for now, I am using one of these Alcatel Smart Flips (the AT&T model without a hotspot). I'm quite happy with it. It does need to add group texting in its native messaging app; not everyone has WhatsApp (which this phone does support). For all the other things I used to use my iPhone for besides calling and texting, I now use an iPod Touch 7th generation. I still have to charge it everyday. I charge my Alcatel twice a week.

  7. I have an older model of this flip phone that can watch youtube, and browsing on internet is slow. What I like is I don't have to charge the battery often, unlike my Android phone.

  8. Can this phone replace a GPS, or Apple maps for directions as one is driving…wanna ditch the stupid iPhone and 24/7 internet connection but I need driving directions occasionally!

  9. I've been kind of hopping all over You Tube reviews of this phone, and your review was entertaining and non-condescending towards this device. There is a pretty sizeable market comprised of people who just do not want/need to be 'connected' 24/7. Personally, I prefer to do my media consumption (such as watching and commenting on videos) on my laptop, because I find even the largest smartphone screens to be just too small. I also do not engage in selfies/food pics/etc.. because I'd rather use my digital camera (yep!) when I go to events, or nature outings. I can afford a smartphone. I just don't want the hassles that come with it. And seeing how addictive they are is also a major turnoff. I want my phone to be primarily a phone, with just enough "smarts" (and none of the pre-loaded bloat) for simple use, and the durability and compact design to make it easy to carry around.
    This flip fits the bill nearly to perfection!

  10. Press the button. "Open this website" website opens. "Call Mom". Mom called. "Text messages " done. Directions. Done. Youtube…looks good. Good call quality. Loud volume. Music. Radio. Etc,etc,etc. I'm loving it for $29 at Best Buy.

  11. One important thing about this phone (at least at this time). While it supports mms, it does not support group texts at all. Trying to send one will send everyone an individual text, while someone sending you a group text will make it appear as if it just came from them. I found this out the hard way. πŸ˜‚

  12. I am one of the 7 hotspot people! I recently, early 2019, cancelled landline phone and dsl. I have an unlimited plan with Sprint and it give me 50GB of hotspot per month. I have found I can stream Amazon or You Tube to my TV, pay bills with my laptop over WiFi and have data left over. Horrible bandwidth though, only works for a single user. More than you think is doable with just a phone.

  13. What is the likely hood of Google making an Android one "feature phone" could you imagine? Has an OG pixel grade camera but runs incredibly light software. I feel like that would be an amazing low-end device. If they could get it at the right price.

  14. I can't wait to give a try to the Nokia 800 tought with the same features than this Alcatel. I already have an smartphone for work and I think that a feature phone with maps, assistant and WhatsApp will cover my basics.
    That said, if I find it frustrating, its the perfect phone to give away to my older parents. It's a win win xD

  15. Nice big phone, but my old LG, that still works, probably has more features that I want than this phone.
    My old one was an MP3 player, multi-media video player, had a flash that was bright enough to turn into a flashlight, and had an extended battery that lasted 3 days on heavy use. The essential days.


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