Amazon Echo (3rd gen) Review quote

Amazon Echo (3rd gen) Review quote

Amazon recently their Echo of the third-generation device launch did. Market still in the second generation, the Echo device is available. In this review we Echo the third generation of the talking, which is a little expensive Echo Plus (2nd generation) as an alternative of generally can be seen. Which the user, without built-in smart home hub is also an excellent audio output want is for them this is a better option. (Read in English)

So what is this price on Amazon Echo to buy a good option would be? What’s truly a upgrade proven be able? Let us know its detailed review in the:

What Amazon Echo device in what get?

We here on the Echo line-up of the best and value for money product has shown that you end of this year or early next year quite easily can buy.

Echo smart speaker:

  • Echo Dot 3rd generation – 3,999 Rs
  • Dot 3rd generation (clock edition) – Rs 4,999 and Rs
  • Echo 3rd generation – 9,999 Rs
  • Echo Sub – 12,999 Rs


  • Echo Show 5 – 7,999 Rs

Built-in smart home hub:

  • Echo Plus – 14,999 Rs
  • Echo Studio – 22,999 Rs

This line-up is the most economical product Echo Dots which caused quite a user they are attracted to are. People who are a little bit extra money can spend for their Echo Show 5 and also much good will prove to be because a small screen your experience rise in May.

Saying anything Echo Dots and Echo Show in your bedroom or kitchen to a good option prove is. Latest Echo Show 3 audio quality a hall for the better or for the user, which is music in extra base want. Just to say so Echo 3 your price segment in the premium audio output provides.

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If you are looking for Zigbee smart home hub in invest to is quite essential or you invest’ve then Echo Plus is a good option or else the extra 5 thousand rupees with you the Amazon Echo 3 can buy.

Echo (3rd generation) review: Design & Audio

This latest 3rd generation Amazon Echo design and size the last Echo Plus device is the same as. 3″ woofer and a 0.8″ tweeter with this on a mesh-fabric cover of the Ascended is. This time the Charger, Charging Cable and Echo most of the upper part with black colour in is also soon to be untidy also there is no worry.

Specification sheet view on clear is the new Echo device, Echo Plus a little heavy. But the increased weight is no lack because you it with in range so home not. This extra base for Little Big Magneto is given due to which the weight gets to much.

Audio of the talk then Echo Plus 10 thousand less than the price of the best smart-speaker has to be said. Its audio is quite clear, the base is punchy and it’s your hall and also to a substantial voice habits the speaker is proven to be.

User stereo effects to 2 the device also has a connect with can. As well as it in your room kept the Amazon Fire TV Stick connect with through Dolby audio output can also provide that.

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Amazon has the first Echo with the device even if the audio output on much work not to be done but also after every upgrade you with audio quality better than the previous few have and that’s the audio quality it Google Home and Nest Hub smart display from the better manufactures.

Echo Plus quite easily light in sound, the command listening to the takes you of Music time to your voice no distinguishing pounding into your ass, it Command give up even in the trouble will not. These skilfully Echo the 3 in the hall or any big place worth keeping on manufactures such as a garage, etc. It skilfully I like iPhone is because sometimes the music of the voice in you to speak your voice to make was which personally to me seems quite odd.

One more thing, latest Echo Dot you a clock support is also given which is quite good. Similarly, the LED display support if there are also used to find much better lives but no it has no distinguishing not decrease because yet we Echo devices without LED display of the same were used.

Echo (3rd generation) review: Alexa upgrade?

The best thing so this is of Echo 3rd generation in Hindi setup occurring the first device and the way these are easily my mummy-papa or son when they heard of the task meets. From this point it also shows the Amazon Alexa, and even better to make is working but the Google Assistant to leave behind a little bit and will take time.

Alexa the distinguishing make of his skills. You your device on cloud based skill could easily use any any any number of. With Alexa on your other smart products such as the TV or the AC to support your smart home experience even better cooks.

Truly frankly I Amazon and Google both services in quite the same invest in. Mainly Amazon Shopping and Fire TV STI with Alexa in for quite the better option is. Almost all of the music streaming service such as Savaan, Ganna etc. of this support has been and in front of it and also shows the support to start doing.

Amazon Echo (3rd generation) review: Verdict

Google the Indian market in your smart assistant with had got a good start but Amazon is also in this order your Echo with a lineup Google to bump me. In the last 2 years Amazon the Indian market to the Alexa quite optimized, whose is the most refreshing example that English language support is.

All the Amazon Echo product TRAI-and-Bay offers is available under the, which means the user up to 10 days they can use and if you don’t like it then your money in full you will be turned back. Corresponding recently with Diwali cell on the way from Amazon Echo devices offers dealt with was able the compliment and the same excuses from our offices in almost all on a the Echo device, the same is added.

Market share increase in to do is quite urgent because at the same because of the India-other smart products brand Alexa’s side focus and your product in IT support will also provide. If talk to Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) so it’s Rs 10,000 less than the price of the best in the smart speaker proves.


  • Great audio quality
  • Better mic response
  • Hindi language support


  • Display or the clock support na be


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