Amit Sadh Worked As A Security Guard and come to Mumbai with just Rs 300 in my pocket

Amit Sadh जब मुंबई आए थे तो जेब में ते केवल 300 रुपए, सिक्योरिटी गार्ड का काम भी किया है

Publish Date: | Sat, 23 Nov 2019 04:56 PM (IST)

Movies and TV watch on-coming actors of the life seeing people think that their life how happening, and good. Many times No don’t think of it not even finds that the stars in the life of any conflicts are won, which are to cross only after the stage arrived at. One such actors are Amit Sadh. Amit Sadh TV and movies familiar face, as well as that reality show, even in the eye have come. Amit Sadh has come this far reach out for a have come a long way. ‘Kai Po-six’ and ‘gold’ in the eye have arrived with Amit Sadh from them when in an interview was asked that they at the moment in Bollywood your journey are satisfied or not, then his answer Very was polite.

Amit has your journey of ‘the Hindustan Times’ told ‘by my side come every interesting part I am happy. She just movies only but not the web series are also. In spite of this I still this unhappy with convey to me that until now no lead part is not found. I hope that she soon will.’

Amit said that like me by the government, which a security guard also worked as and Mumbai come on in the pocket just Rs 300 were, I think, has come a long way is. Amit the industry of the ‘underdogs’ is also called and they also say that they don’t understand that why good offers on them are not found.

Amit ‘according to the I always hears that I am I the dark horse I am, underdogs I am, but if you ask me what prompted me does so I would say that I am happy that 6 years in an artist as I grow up am. Fans write me that they like my work…. more While critics and entry as well as says that I have good thing to complete is.’

As far as professional life is concerned, Amit Sadh film ‘Sakuntala Devi’, in Vidya Balan’s daughter became the Sanya Malhotra as the husband of the eye are coming. It’s that woman’s life is the story of a people often human computer also says. It film next year may come.

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