Announcement of free license to 15 lakh schools on Children’s Day | children’s day on 15 million to schools free of licensing announcement


New Delhi, November 14 (ani). Children’s day to commemorate all of the country schools for one year free license of Grade 6 to 10 for three subjects – science, mathematics and English in the entire content providing has been announced.

This announcement schoolnet India Ltd. NCERT based digital luring the platform Line is. Digital initiatives-schoolnet India the major share Chatterjee said, Our motive high-powered multi-session luring material accessible by making educational sentation to do. In our country, nearly 15 million school and offer it for all. This effort from the teachers and pupils will promote, because of all the new-fashioned teaching practices accruing from and new means of competence will receive.

He said that the line of education ecosystem services of all key partners on a platform together, which is all the pace of learning gives you the opportunity. Like this teacher, student, and parents General Teaching aim to achieve cooperation do. For schools on November 14 by the website on the registration link will be available.

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