Anurag Kashyap At Shaheen Baagh, Says Modi Govt Is Illiterate

Anurag Kashyap At Shaheen Baagh, Says Modi Govt Is Illiterate

Shaheen Bagh arrived Anurag Kashyap Modi government on hitting it illiterate government told.

Anurag Kashyap said that if the Home Minister you not feel safe may submit them so these verses should leave.

The CAA and the citizens of the National Register (NRC) opposition to the performance of the center have become Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh on Friday in filmmaker Anurag Kashyap arrived. During this time, he Narendra Modi government on seared. Two months of ongoing protests here in the protesters, addressing Kashyap said, “I have plenty of days from Shaheen Bagh wanted to come. You people dare get this courage from how many Shaheen Bagh have become.”

Anurag Kashyap said, “I was thinking Come on stage and biryani will eat. I any political party from The am not. These are very hard battle, patience is the battle you guys are fighting and a lot of people who see you stay, she’s thinking stay is that the people you would leave.”

The central government taking a dig at Anurag Kashyap said, ” I government lots of things disagree with me. The government have not the heart is called the language of love doesn’t make sense. Just the same way we can fight. From the government you just love the split stay, the government just force your hand wants to put in. He is your promise, not advocacy. I do not believe I am. India borders from here, not from the people of the causes.”

Amit Shah on hitting he said, “the Home Minister let us not feel safe can make, so what of the Home Minister. US them a sense of security should be.” He said that if no misunderstanding is if the government should that Shaheen Bagh come and talk, until the thing will not matter how easily fixed.

Kashyap said, “the road is not closed, people are going to come can. People to me on Twitter that says Home Minister respectfully thing to do, but for them in my mind is not respected. Them of the law itself don’t know. This government is illiterate.”

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