Asim Riaz was thrashed by Varun Dhawan ones Watch Video

Bigg Boss 13: जब Varun Dhawan ने पीटा था Asim Riaz को, देखें VIDEO

Publish Date: | Tue, 31 Dec 2019 04:29 PM (IST)

Bigg Boss 13 is released and there is daily something new events comes to the fore. The Big Boss in the House of the people living between the pulls and the other a leaving behind of the efforts of a new news has come. The show is one of the most famous contestants Asim Riaz I Himanshi Khurana on the side of the tilt in the news was. Until Himanshi home in the sky then limitless of the behavior towards them is a different being. You limitless The Big Boss 13 in the same have seen but probably you do not know that many years ago in the movies also worked. Limitless are a model and big boss of the house while in the headlines elicit are. By the way, you probably don’t know but in this way occupies Asim Riaz of Varun Dhawan arguments from the stack.

Not only that, their Varun Dhawan from the hands of the washing is already under way. If you are not sure so we you its proof can also give. Indeed, Varun Dhawan and boundless it between the fight of the common life, but not in the movie it was in.

This film is in 2014, iPhone Varun Dhawan’s film ‘Tera Hero’ is. In this film, both between the college action scene happens. This is the Seine in Varun Dhawan A ACC all fiercely do the washing.


Let me tell you the same year Varun Dhawan in the movie ‘The Big Boss 13’ of another contestant Sidharth Shukla also eye came. Incidentally this film is also the same in 2014, I was. Siddhartha who often ‘big boss’ of the House angry at the show and feuding sight come up Varun Dhawan starrer ‘Humpty Sharma’s Dulhania’ appeared in were.

Bigg Boss 13 on TV good TRP managed to earn is going and the list is up. It is now two weeks and extension have found.

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