Ayurveda Special – Many benefits of Gum Katira | Ayurveda Special: look young so of this herb to use and get ago as puberty


Digital Desk, Mumbai. Healthy, healthy and young-looking so of all desire, but with increasing age their older Keep could not be. In addition to the person has different types of medicines to intake sounds, but today we will tell you of Ayurveda such as herbs tell about which we are going use are a number of advantages.

Today we glue the tea will talk about the tree, which out of a yellow colored glue. Touching it in sticky, smelly and tasteless does. Its Taseer cold is so its intake in the summer to extremely considered beneficial. Glue there using to relieve constipation, to increase breast, skin disease, premature ejaculation rid of or re-delivery after seemingly car etc. is used to. Why not if someone risk of heart disease, then he is also its use goes away.

Let’s learn here its some special benefits

Weakness to be overcome in the auxiliary
Glue tea in a lot of protein and folic acid is found. Its intake from the body immediately draws strength is. Eat it blood from the IS concentric,. 20 grams glue tea to a glass of water or soaked in milk and then in the morning gripe overall sorbet by making the drink

Menstrual may regular
If a woman’s menstrual periods are irregular then glue the tea and gripe with the grind 2 tablespoons milk in plenty. In addition glue the laddoos also make can be eaten. Why not after the child is also the glue of ladoo eating on the weakness and menstrual disturbances also corrects.

Weight reduced
Glue the tea toxins from the body helps rid and metabolism increases. It found high fiber content, giving you more time until full holds. Additionally it is a gut health is also improved to be known. To use it for a spoon glue tea overnight in a glass of water and soak. Subsequently, a glass of milk with honey / jaggery (little) to drink. To lose weight every day this tonic to drink.

Libido in men increasing
Glue tea intake in men lost sexual desire increases. Moreover involuntary discharge or visiting in preventing discharge helps. Its intake to night time 10 g glue tea to 1 glass water soak in. Then the next morning it 1 teaspoon sugar in this drink. It’s intake day at three in the cold water with the can.

These in relief
If you all the time from the tonsils bother live so 2 part tea and Part 2 onto the finely grind. Then add green coriander leaf juice mix and daily embrace it on the wraps please. It makes you soon will find comfort. Why not if you have the means, then approximately 10 to 20 grams glue the tea in the water soaked fuel and the Egyptians met the sorbet, mix it with the morning-evening drink.

Mouth blisters of glue to the tea
Ulcers due to inflammation, redness and pain to reduce this measure to try: Gond tea of finely ground paste and create and instant relief for your ulcers on the find.

Brest size increasing
If no women your breast size if he is not satisfied glue tea intake can. Glue Tea Rose eat from the size of women’s breasts increase in helps. Its intake to overnight in a glass of water in a tablespoon glue tea sign. The next morning this fluffy homemade glue tea with the Egyptians found work.

Lu and heat stroke from afloat
If your hands and feet in irritation occurs then glue the tea of 2 teaspoons and 1 glass of water before bedtime soak. When it flowers then it in the sugar mix to eat. It the sorbet of the usually also taken twice a day can be. It’s summer in the seemingly Lu and heat stroke prevents.

Let us know now glue the tea side-effects and edit about the

  • Glue tea intake prior to your body to completely hydrate keep. This makes the veins and block the intestine from having to change.
  • It is no side effects. ISO ate also and can be planted also.
  • It’s those of breathing can cause the problem is, that Chile bark (sort) is allergic, so its intake to consult your doctor.
  • Pregnant and lactating women the doctor’s advice from its intake can can.
  • It is advisable that you any allopathic medicine to intake at least one hour before the intake of herbs, please.
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