Best Camera Phones in 2019

We’re rounding up the best camera phones you can get right now in H1 2019! True, most phones these days are competent enough to snap a decent picture, but there are some special ones that rise above the rest, thanks to cutting edge camera sensors, complex processing algorithms and advanced technology like machine learning.

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  1. the best camera phone IN FACT

    is LG V40 thinq it has a fucking quality better than most normal cameras and go pros heck you can even swim with it more then 4K RES and 60 FPS

    even the new UPCOMING LG v60 is gonna have more cameras and it will have the highest MP camera quality better than any phone

    trust me when i say this guys but google it and research it the new LG phones are the best cameras ever

  2. You don't do your research properly. Obviously you knew only three brands of phone..shame..go to mobile phone shop I guarantee you there's a lot of different mobile phone out there with better camera.


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