Bhoomi Gave A Befitting Reply To The Trailers On The ‘sex Choice’ Dialogue- ‘I Am Today’s Girl …’ | ‘Sex choice’ to be the Dialog on the land has given trailers to retort

Bhoomi Gave A Befitting Reply To The Trailers On The 'sex Choice' Dialogue- 'I Am Today's Girl ...' | 'Sex choice' to be the Dialog on the land has given trailers to retort

Bollywood stars Kartik Aryan, Ananya Pandey and land Pednekar starrer romantic comedy movie ‘and a’ theatrical release stack. Years 2019 land peer to quite spectacular. Now the land has also his athletic career graph ranging expressed happiness with the only tools to even answer you.

Their careers while talking on the land, said: “It’s the year of the artist generally for me the best is. I separate the rolls carried thereby I am satisfied. I hope that ‘husband and a’ big hit will be proved. My cinemas in the audience something new, try to give and and I support them and love thanks for the cheats am. Husband wife and love and I find happiness is”

Land said, “The film is a dialog to me, like it is say it felt very weird because he was my character, today’s girl is?” My wife and I in the trailer of a Seine which is when Kartik Aryan land peer from their homes to ask if the land, says “To them sex is a lot like.” The land of this answer on Kartik laugh seem. This dialog only by taking on social media organically has begun corresponding over the land now tells The these answers.

Land those featured actress in a who in the same year three consecutive successful movies are given. Please tell, ‘and that’ the release on the first day of 9 million, even more than earnings. In this film he is Kartik Aryan and Ananya Pandey as actor with eye came. He earlier Ayushman Khurana with ‘Bala’ and Taapsee Pannu of ‘bull’s eye’ intersected in the neighborhood. Both these films he has them quite like Did.

Let me tell you that the land made his acting debut film ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ was. In this film he is a fat girl had played the role of. Ayushman Khurana’s post came to land in this film By Your of the finest acting from the critics the heart of the victory, and at the same let go of them the Filmfare Award in the Best Debut Female award than was awarded.


Published: 09-Dec-2019 09:34 AM

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