Bigg Boss 13 Arhaan Khan posts special message for Rashami Desai after his 13 Eviction

Bigg Boss 13: घर से निकलते ही Arhaan Khan ने फूट-फूट कर रोई Rashami Desai के लिए छोड़ा ये मैसेज

Publish Date: | Mon, 18 Nov 2019 10:35 AM (IST)

Bigg Boss 13: Big Boss 13 Salman Khan in the weekend wise one and homemaking has gotten out. Wild card entry to Arhaan Khan in a short time the same element have become. Himanshi Khurana and Iran mines the lowest votes were. Salman said as soon as the are out of the house to be announced so his friend Rashami Desai bitterly-bitterly started crying.

Home from Leave are liked on Instagram, wrote, ‘The Big Daddy of my trip may be small but you guys my love and support to touch the heart and is incredible. Me to support thank you and I believe that it is your nobility that you think that I should not be out had. It’s definitely a little disappointed is because I play on your good catch started. Of course I have my special friend Rashmi Desai Miss will. Good play and trophy range come. You best be worth. I as also women to am aware of them most strong you are. My love and full support is with you.’

Please tell that are Khan and Rashmi Desai ranging discussion that their affair is.

Please tell that are mine out as soon as they are on Twitter their fans by #WhyArhaanKhan trend also made it. One user wrote, ‘Are Mine, therefore fired because she is the other nominated contestants like Himanshi and here like Punjab and Bihar is not popular.’ Someone said the same if a person was that which Siddhartha Shukla correct the bump was to give. Him a chance and should get.

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