BlackBerry KEY2 Review: 3 Reasons It's My Next Phone

The flagship BlackBerry in 2018 is a sleek, slab-sided smartphone with a design from the future – and a keyboard from the past. I say in the narration that the BlackBerry KEY2 probably won’t be your next smartphone, and based purely on buying habits in 2018 that’s probably true. The thing is, it will be *my* next phone – and I’m gonna do this review a little differently by telling you the three reasons why. Join me for the MrMobile BlackBerry KEY2 Review!



MrMobile’s BlackBerry KEY2 Review was produced following eight days with a BlackBerry KEY2 review device provided by BlackBerry. It was tested on T-Mobile US in New York City, NY; Greater Boston, MA; Frankfurt, Germany; and Milan, Italy.


BlackBerry KEY2:


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  1. Hello from Ireland. Great, fair and balanced review. Thank you. Finally, someone who understands what this phone is really for. Communication. I think I would very much enjoy using the keyboard. And it's totally unique

  2. I also cart 2 phones. An iOS and an Android… But in not sure I'm willimg to give up on either of those to try the BlackBerry though when I had my last BlackBerry I loved it!!! For the reasons you pointed out were its flaws… Well there were just to many for me to think at this time I would want to lay down that much cash just for kicks….

  3. Give me a Passport form factor and I'll wait outside for the launch. Love my physical keyboard phones. They were the only ones I was a return customer. I had 3 different Sidekicks and 2 different Blackberrys.

  4. I got to 6 minutes in and it sounded so much like a sleazy advert pretending not to be that I switched off. That said, it will be the only phone that I could be proud of, because I phones are so boring and cliched, they are moronic? And actually quite bad at storing huge amounts of data compared to a Galaxy (another somewhat tedious cliche of a phone), so I hear.

  5. I want to get one, the only app game I play is pocket camp and of course the period tracker and banking app, and I do listen to music on my phone if the blackberry KEY2 does that then I would be happy with this phone so I am thinking of getting one I just not sure? I also use Facebook and Instagram on my phone too?

  6. Its pretty phone but the keybord takes a lot of the screen space, and I like the physical keybord and pressing real buttons, but the screen space is very important for a good experience while using your phone I think

  7. If this phone was actually made by Blackberry, I might be interested. But … it is made by a Chinese company called TCL. There hasn't been a true Blackberry device made since 2015. The Leap (I believe) was the last phone manufactured by Blackberry.


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