Blackberry KEY2 Review: The Best PHONE of 2018!

Blackberry Key2 Review! No one was going to be surprised, that after my experiences using the KEYone, that I was probably going to like using the Key2. Of course, evolution and improvement don’t come without some controversy. The Key2 arrives with a higher price than its predecessor. Is there room in the smartphone landscape for a premium phone, sporting a hardware keyboard, and focused on battery life and security? Can phone enthusiasts only relate to gaming benchmarks? Let’s take this communicator out for a spin…
BB Key2 Audio Review
BBKey Camera Review
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  1. This BB 2is too narrow, why not send download to my passport? My hands are too large, plus i need to write a book and read with my BB. Ideas come while im on the go. Help me please, i like my BB. A previus Apple user.

  2. Hi, could you please tell me if that BlackBerry KEY2 is really dual SIM cards, does it really have compartments for two SIM cards plus an SD memory card? Someone told me that it claims to be dual SIM card, but if you insert an SD memory card then you can only have one SIM card?

  3. everyone talks crap about the screen quality in direct sunlight… i have the galazy 8+ and i can't see SHIT in sunlight on this phone LOL so…. sorry but to me it's not any worse than any other phone really. The only phone i have not had a issue with when dealing with sunlight was my iphone back in the day and i hate iphones… so screen quality in sunlight is not exactly one of my main concerns.

  4. Just got a key 2. It's funny how I was able to jump right back in typing on a phone keyboard again. Accuracy is greatly increased. I like the feel of feeling like I have a portable pc keyboard for emails and texting. Key 2 is snappy and the camera is not as bad as everyone is saying. Lastly, I recommend loading Nova Launcher and performance will greatly improve. All in all its a great phone with great battery life and in a world where all phones are looking the same, it's nice to turn heads with a BlackBerry.

  5. A proper phone that feels and acts like a phone absolutely on point as usual!!! Far too many phone snobs hanging around scared to be different well I like been different. Your the most honest reviewer on here J Williams is another!!! Do your own thing!!!

  6. I really wish they would make a Priv 2. I still have my priv and don't want to give it up for this key2. I really don't like the idea that the key2 keyboard is always exposed. The slide mechanism is enough to enhance the experience of using the touch screen vs the keyboard. This key2 design makes it look like an old clunker. It may be more powerful, but try putting a super powerful engine in a 20 year old Buick or Saab…who the hell would want it?

  7. This Key2 has caused me to come back to BlackBarry. It’s the physical kewyboard mainly, but also the sheer sleekness of it, and just how well it runs. I used to have BlackBarry phones up until the one that had no physical keyboard. Then I went over to Apple for several handset generations. Did have the iPhone X before this. I am so pleased to be back with BB.

  8. One of the best reviews I have seen on the Key2. This review give me the nudge required to buy it yesterday. It's 1.57am in Dhaka and I am still tinkering my new toy. Thanks Juan…..btw love the intro line of this vdo.

  9. The convenience key can be mapped to a click action. If you only add an app to one of the three slots, that app will open when you click the key. No 3 useless app menu

  10. amoled high resolution screen,IP68 rating,wireless charging super cameras with 4k recording,with physical keybord….dear BLACK BERRY am waiting…and all world is waiting…the next key 3….

  11. Had a Priv for the last 4 years. Black Berry makes the most durable and productive phones. In those 4 years, all my friends and business colleagues have changed phones at least 2 times due to battery issues, slower speed, or security issues.

    Great video. Adults need phones that are not tailored towards young adults who want phones and toys.

  12. Me encantraia tener uno pero creo que como todo Android la capacidad para tener aplicaciones limita, solo aceptan muy pocas, y tambien porque al parecer no salen actualizacines al Sistema Operativo Android en estos dispositivos. Es una lastima. Quisiera pero la realidad es otra.


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