Blackview BV9000 Pro Review After 3 Months – A Solid Budget Rugged Phone!

Blackview BV9000 Pro Review After 3 Months – A Solid Budget Rugged Phone!
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  1. VERY NEGATIVE OPITION: I have it for 2 months! It crashed once and all my data erased. It used to connect with the laptop and now it does not. I tried everything and now I have to download my data from Google Drive. The headphones used to work for only a month. I do not recomend it.

  2. Hi there,

    I have the CAT S30

    It's the first smart phone I've ever bought, I've had it about one year

    It's ok for the first smart phone but I made mistakes with buying it, I should not have bought a smart phone with Only 8GB of Internal Storage!!

    I won't make that mistake again!

    I have a tiny amount of apps on my phone, but that does not matter, over time the Constant updating in the back ground Fills the internal storage up, and sometimes won't allow you to download New apps.

    Yes you can get an SD Card, but it don't seem to do much!

    Google Don't help at all, because with loads of their apps you Can't transfer them to the SD Card, so it's Useless!

    Next phone I'll buy I will make sure it has at Least 32 GB of Internal Storage, maybe more!

    Also the Front Camera on the CATS30 is Only 2 MP ….Crap pics!

    I would like a Good Rugged phone with 32GB or 64GB of Storage, maybe 4 GB of Rom

    I think this CAT S30 only has 1 or 2 GB of Rom, it's a bit slow at times processing things, feels like you are waiting ages for it to open email Etc!

    It's down there at the Cheap end with CAT Phones, it maybe the Cheapest CAT smartphone you can get, so your not going to get a large storage, or fantastic camera's!

    I have considered the DeWalt 501

    I think they are about £400

    I think they are 32GB of storage, 5 MP camera front, 8 MP rear.

    I read up on these Blackview and liked the idea of it having Sony cameras and a really good size storage Etc.

    But I've also read a few bad reviews on YouTube.

  3. The Blackview BV9500 PRO is lauching their early bird special tomorrow morning on Indiegogo. Do you know if this phone is supported here in the USA and if it can be activated on the Verizon network? I really want to get in on the early bird special, but am leary of purchasing unless I am certain that it is USA supported. Any info is much appreciated!

  4. Super review as usual. Seems like a great phone for those who live near creeks and rivers, (I am kidding). A good phone for folks who work outdoors where drops and dust and water may be an issue.


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