Bollywood Actor Vicky Kaushal Who Appears In The Horror Film Bhoot Feels Scared

Bollywood Actor Vicky Kaushal Who Appears In The Horror Film Bhoot Feels Scared

Upcoming film ‘Ghost’ of the promotion during the Vicky skills by your real life to talk openly about the. Vicky said this during the told them that even fear.

Mumbai: His upcoming film ‘Ghost’ to VR, i.e. virtual reality via The promote linked to an event in Vicky skills today in this matter disclosed that, after all, them in real life of what fear is. In response to a question Vicky Kaushal told them that this thing lives in fear that somewhere a day or riser after they it’s not forget that acting how you do? He said that if that happened then them not know that she later what some will. He said smiling that now so that your engineering job appointment letter tearing up already.

He said that this kind of weird-the poor care come a day that they set at Will and without any logical because of, ‘action’ spoken of after they have forgotten that will them what to do. Vicky has stardom associated with your fear of also talked about. He said that when stardom your mind in climbing, this is an extremely scary situation occurs. He said that when stardom on your mind is your mind and the bottom of the feet quite a gap come. He said that in such a situation when you wake up in the morning and your mother you date if you in general tend to be.

Vicky said that they Today also with your family and great friends are, who Their this travel is proud and they all with them even today with their college Vicky skills like behave. First lost horror film, working in Vicky Kaushal said this on the sidelines also reported that he film ‘Ghost’ to ‘persuade’ during the release of the sign was, at that time, until ‘nothing’ is also the release was not and ‘Uri’ of the shooting even began was not.

Vicky said that an actor as his is that they new kind of a new genre of films in the work. He said that today, the way of the round, a spectator generally, industry being the member of we all new kind of content are hungry. Vicky said that we are all the audience on the surprise to be ready. Vicky said, ‘if we try today will not, then when will? I like new themes of appetite. I like and dislike the keeping away I’m an artist as they all explore would like to, which I can deserve to be I am.”

Vicky said that their most important holds, so he has the script, then whether it’s a horror to be, romance or any genre, them the story of the movie choice should be. He said that with this film it just happened, and the story in first paste was… then he much calculate not and an actor on OWN to explore this film connect to the phone. Please tell that Bhanu Pratap Singh directed by Karan Johar by producing made the film ‘Ghost’ on 21 February across the country will release.

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