BS6 Honda City price leaked, learn new prices | BS6 Honda City Price occurred leaking, so RS to increase the price


Digital Desk, New Delhi. The Japanese company Honda’s popular sedan car City soon BS6 with the engine to arrive. Launching before the BS6 Honda City, the price of rut has become. Please tell that before this car features and many updates also the front have arrived. Let us know the price of this car attached to it certain things…

The leaked document, according to the BS6 Honda City price of 10.22 million from 14.68 million rupees will be. Seen, this the price of the current BS4 model than 10-15 thousand Rs more. However on behalf of the company about this, no information is given.

Leaks of the report in accordance BS6 Honda City SV MT variants the price of 10.22 lakh rupees, which will be BS4 than 10 thousand rupees more. Similarly, it V MT variants the price of 15 thousand rupees increased to 11.13 lakh rupees will be. While the V CVT variants price of 12.34 lakh VX MT variants price of 12.16 lakh. Who from the current 15 thousand rupees more.

While its VX CVT price of 13.48 million, ZX MT variants price of 13.35 lakh and Rs ZX CVT variants, the price of 14.68 lakh rupees will be. These variants of prices even in the current compared with 15 thousand rupees, the growth has been.

Booking started
Leaked reports say the across the country company of the dealer 21-30 thousand rupees in the token BS6 Honda City bookings are. Many dealers by 15 days in its delivery claim to give has also. It is believed to be the company soon new Honda City launch can be.

The new Honda City in the BS-VI emission norms habits 1.5-liter, 4-cylinder petrol engine will be given. This engine, 6,600 rpm 118 bhp of power generates.

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