CAA-NRC: Shahrukh Hogaya Begaana Sanam Sing Jamia Protestors

CAA-NRC: Shahrukh Hogaya Begaana Sanam Sing Jamia Protestors

Mumbai: ‘Citizenship revision law’ against across the country, constantly are to be performed. In Delhi, Jamia Millia Islamia University student constantly Shahin Bagh locality in nearly a month in protest are performed. Meanwhile a video on social media fast viral is happening. This video in Jamia student protests in ‘thee saw so these go Sanam, Shahrukh was begun Sanam’ song are singing.

Jamia violence on Shah Rukh hasn’t given any statement

CAA, ranging far in Bollywood Many Stars your protest extravaganza have. But Jamia of studies have Shah Rukh Khan has produced this on no response is given. A Twitter user said that video share, while it is written, ‘Shaheen Bagh by Shah Rukh Khan Your Love is sent. It has never been seen. ‘Thee saw so these go Sanam, Shahrukh was begun Sanam’. No it Shah Rukh on the show.’

Shah Rukh in support of uttering Twitter users

Tell note that the Jamia students on the last year, December 15 the police action of many Bollywood celebrities is resisted by. King Khan by the name of the famous Shah Rukh Khan in this case no response is given, so now she of students on Target have come.

Although on Twitter many users wrote, “When Shah Rukh political in some cases speak to them if defected and ‘Bollywood sucks Buddha,’ said The seems to go and his films resist seems to be. And when Shahrukh some don’t speak them so coward said seems to go.

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Published: 15 Jan 2020 08:53 AM

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