CEIR Service: How to Track Your Lost Mobile Phone with the Help of IMEI number

CEIR Service: How to Track Your Lost Mobile Phone with the Help of IMEI number

CEIR track your lost phone

Sometimes you find that you had gone and you know you have your phone on any bus or train left in the came or the market in the shops while your mobile phone is stolen, then for a while it seems of your your identity of the Someone stole. In today’s digital environment in the smartphone just a communication device right through your quite a few extra feature also gives.

Any such discomfort in you hands sure seems a special IT system which you can track your smartphone could or block, so no your data is wrong on the used can’t get. If you have good news for the Indian government Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) Introduced through which you own quite easily the device can detect.

This latest service the USP is that the phone in the SIM felt or not felt, be it on your phone to track and block can is because it’s IMEI number through phone to track does. It register the Center for Development of Telematics (CDOT) by the Manage shall be which the telecom operator with The Lost Phone works on.

CEIR is what?

It phone tracking on the project from 2017 the same work was going on. In this project the main goal of the smartphone theft and misuse the data to be from the clog itself. GOI has it for 15 crores is also spent in.

Just suffer not only the service police of the device and also the possible to find will help.

CEIR for all mobile operators have a IMEI database of a central unit like Will. Those who do not know them, we tell give the IMEI is a International Mobile Equipment Identity Number, which happens for every device is different. So when it’s for every device is different so you can easily track the device can. You on your device *#06# dial by IMEI number can detect.

For now this service in Maharashtra and Delhi is available. Soon this whole country also may be applied.

CEIR used to process

You your device, the below described process through block can have:

On the website a form by submitting.

First to the police station go Report lives and a copy your have placed.

Now your telecom operator from the duplicate SIM purchased. SIM need so will be of when you the device the block will then conduct an OTP one.

Thereafter Registration form Fill out and submit your IMEI number with assistance from the device block can. Subsequently, this document also will be required to submit such as police report a copy of identity proof.In addition you have your device’s bill also may submit is.

Request to submit you an ID number will be given. This number you because of your device in the near future to meet back up on the Unblocked Can is or your Request status The track can have.

Track status

In addition you have your customer on the outlet or police station through this process whole can.

Unblock the retrieved IMEI

If this process directly to the words in the deem so even when the smartphone being stolen or losing any of the reports will be recorded so you network operator central database with the IMEI number to the stock by it black-listed will. Additionally now in your device no and the operator of the SIM also cannot be used.

We hope this new step with the telecom department’s goal to fully succeed. If you your device the IMEI number of the said note, so if you ever need this service to use set then you can easily your device to search your home away from home.


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