Coronavirus: Apple May Defer Its Launching Date Of 5G IPhone

Coronavirus: Apple May Defer Its Launching Date Of 5G IPhone

Corona virus has well-known see companies also has affected.

At the moment Apple and demand a reduction in the production faced.

A result of which the company 5G tech iPhone of launching may postpone it.

Apple 5G iPhone: Apple phone people fond of it right now for the model and will have to wait. Corona virus kill its sales, ranging from production also is lying. The company said the reduction in demand given their 5G tech model of the launching forward is considering. Market associated with people say that such demand and sales of imbalance being the cause.

5G tech phone launch of forward can Apple

JP Morgan believes that Apple 5G iPhone in the market unloading the back of a month or two of delay can be. According to sources, company officials time to pursue meetings on this have considered. Forward the date of increasing the second because these can also be sent is that China, India and other places on the corona virus due to plant closure are lying. Due to which the phone’s supply has been.

Corona virus by estimates of the company delivered to the precipice blow

Are told that 5G technology equipped with Apple’s many different models. Apple 5G that iPhone 6GB of RAM with two version customers will meet. At the moment the international level, arisen on the position given Apple until May a final decision will take. Samsung and we after Apple your 5G phone market in unloading is in preparation. The company had guessed that this financial year 2021 in the company to help grow. But corona virus let go of his estimates to the tremendous blow is felt.

Corona crisis between the finance minister can economic relief to these promulgation

Corona crisis: Finance Minister’s press conference may be in the economic package of promulgation

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