Cubot Power Review – A Powerful 6000mAh Budget Phone

Cubot Power Review – A Powerful 6000mAh Budget Phone
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  1. Looks very much like an S9+ apart from the single camera (which Is still gorgeous),If you dont believe me,you're getting a high quality FHD+ (2160 by 1080) screen,and It's AWESOME!,very detailed,sure the S9+ has QUAD HD but this Is a budget price and for this price the CUBOT POWER Is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!,the S9+ has 6 GB of Ram,guess what,the CUBOT POWER which only costs 160 euros (4 times cheaper than the S9+) ALSO has 6 GB of ram plus a whopping 128 GB of Rom!,the best thing about this phone is the camera and the 18:9 screen which makes the CUBOT POWER the best budget powerful phone!

  2. CUBOT Power Phone is so powerful and tight with unique graphics and features. I use it. It's what am using here to chat and view. I ordered it via AliExpress last year August 2018. Kindly send us a Android 9.0 Pie. We need it in such a powerful android. Android Pie is needed by us all using CUBOT POWER. it will work perfectly on it. We can't wait to download Android Pie cos most other Android companies have rolled out Android Pie to their big phones and CUBOT POWER is Cubot biggest phone

  3. was wondering why you was saying cobalt power when you was meaning cubot power,, also put "cubot power (2018)" in the youtube title you get way more hits as its cubot power (2018) not just cubot power as they have done cubot power phones before (like samsung do with the A and J samsung phones they just put the year on the end of them now)

  4. I bought the x18+ first week of May. It Is doing great and has a 4000ma in it. This Power looks exactly like the x18+. I wish I had known about this one coming out in June. I would have waited for it, to get the faster processor and larger battery. Everything else seems the same as the x18+. I don't find the sound tiny on my x18+


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