Deepika Padukone Trolled For Challenging Chappak Look On Tik Tok

Deepika Padukone Trolled For Challenging Chappak Look On Tik Tok

Chhapaak: Actress Deepika Padukone film ‘The take’ at the box office after the release also disputes from Get eye come. The last days of their JNU after fiercely organically and this talk the effect of their earnings on also is to be seen. This time Deepika Tick Talk on a video by making the disputes are in.

Deepika Padukone the film Take via The Tick-Tock on its debut and has many videos by making his film promotions also do eye came. But this time make a video to post on social media their fiercely getting criticized.

Actually Deepika has a video Share which they own three of the films look the challenge of the cheats to appear. These movies were Om Shanti Om, Piku and take. Take an acid attack survivor characters play are and acid attack survivor look of challenge give Deepika The been overshadowed.

Of this video to share later on social media users by Deepika on fiercely angry obviously did. Users took to Twitter this video to share Deepika of criticism of. Many people liked it, promotion of the wrong way told so many people it was embarrassing held. Overall Deepika in this case ranging on social media plenty of troll marred.

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Published: 19 Jan 2020 02:15 PM

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