Dilip Kumar Mistaken For Brother Aslam, The Picture Went Viral

Dilip Kumar Mistaken For Brother Aslam, The Picture Went Viral

Tragedy king’ from the name of the famous Dilip Kumar fan of your favourite news to get the passion to the extent of willing to go to come. In fact, a recent Dilip Kumar’s wife Saira Banu with other members of the family and Dilip Kumar brother of Aslam Khan a picture of viral occurred. Pic viral as soon as Dilip Kumar fan of Aslam Khan to Dilip Kumar understanding sitting. The tweeter on them for thousands of years of living wished to be. Someone their and his his wife, I congratulate you done. A tweeter user wrote, “queens now too.”

Social media on the site is constantly coming comment after Dilip Kumar, the manager of the tweeter on the come cleaning pass arose. He is Dilip Kumar’s Twitter handles in the photo with the Dilip Kumar not to be denied. He wrote, “the plaque Holding said Aslam Khan, Dilip Kumar’s brother. In the photo Dilip Kumar are not.”

Mistake why occurred?

Let me tell you Viral Picture at that moment is when the actor ‘World Book of records’ London has awarded the it was. But at that time, Dilip Kumar respect of the function from the venue are absent. In their absence their family members certificate has been given. Family members of his wife Saira Banu, brother Aslam Sher Khan, sister Saida Khan and Farida Khan were present.

Bollywood artist Dilip Kumar on December 11 Your was Birthday observed. Was on the birthday he had to his fans on Twitter a picture of themselves and released their best wishes thank be. Interestingly, a few months from Dilip Kumar’s health a cause for concern remains.

Published: 18 Dec 2019 02:45 PM

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