Essential Phone Review – 5 Months Later, Still Not Worth It?

The Essential Phone came out in 2018 and is 5 months old now and after the initial unboxing and some critique, has that time been enough to make this the best Android smartphone on the market? Have updates changed the experience? Well, we’re about to find out!

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  1. Got it for 224 usd during amazon discount spree. totally worth every penny. not fair comparing it with pixel 2 or oneplus 5/5t. u get what u pay for, in the case of essential phone, u get much more than what you pay for , and the guy forgot to mention about the timely android updates which come without fail.

  2. Picked up a used one (in great condition) for cheap this week. Working beautifully with Rogers in Toronto. Love the pure Android experience. Updated to official Android 9 Pie and just got the Nov 5, 2018 security patch. Battery life is fantastic and I haven't noticed any jitters when scrolling through various app.

  3. Picked my Essential up for 308.00 durning a sale on Amazon(just missed when it was on sale for 224.00 there) have none of the issues mentioned, Essential support is the best. Camera pq isn't that bad at this date, quality may not be good enough for the sociality obsessed, or the sour Apple fans.

  4. DEFINITELY going to get this phone because it's only $350 dollars, and it's one of the only damn phones that actually supports Sprint. It doesn't have a headphone jack which sucks, it does have an adapter which is nice but it's one of my least favorite things with the phone.

  5. Best phone ever. Not sure why all these reviewers are dogging it so much.

    Most of the issues that he described are the issues that one experiences right out of the box with this phone. Did you let it run its patches and updates before reviewing? Baffled by hate this device is receiving. Weird.

  6. All you "reviewers" on YouTube want "The perfect phone" and NO MATTER WHAT, no phone meets your demands… Every phone that is reviewed has SOME KIND of flaw… NO MATTER WHAT… How about a review where you guys actually use the phone as a phone so you can tell us if call quality sucks or not… not why a phone WON'T work as a tablet or not, or a camera… I've bought a few phones and sent them back because the call quality really sucked… They were GREAT tablets, but SUCKED as a phone.

  7. Android Pie v9.0 official update just dropped to the Essential PH1 yesterday and it's running beautifully smooth without any issues. This reviewer was biased then about this phone and I want all of you to know this device is a winner. If you want a better camera app that takes Pixel 2 quality photos then search Arnova's v8.1 Google Camera Port apk.

  8. I broke the screen, and it will cost $200 to fix it. Apparently, the screen is affixed to the rest of the phone in an unusual way, making it difficult to repair. i once asked for a case, and the salesperson laughed at me – said it was like titanium, so why would I need a case. Broken glass!!!!


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