Fan threatens suicide if Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t Announce Next Film Till 1st January

फैन ने दी Shah Rukh Khan को धमकी, फिल्म नहीं अनाउंस की तो जान दे दूंगा

Publish Date: | Mon, 30 Dec 2019 05:31 PM (IST)

Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Zero’ after the movie yet unions do now severe is becoming. So now Shah Rukh Khan next film ranging threats also meet has begun. Fans of Shah Rukh Khan’s next film waiting for the disturbing thought. Fans took to Twitter this issue is so big that made the #WeWantAnnouncementSRK trend to begin with. The same under a fan has Shah Rukh almost threatening, saying that a January Film unions and if they commit suicide it will do. So far Shah Rukh has this thing did not answer.

Please tell that Shah Rukh Khan’s last film ‘Zero’ shirt was. The film with Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma were. Of the film flops after Shah Rukh Khan a break unions did. That is believed to be the film to Shah Rukh Khan is extremely special and was it long of having them on a profound effect is.

Fans had expected Shah Rukh on his birthday new film unions will but it didn’t happen. Full November and December have passed, but many of the announcement, Khan has not. Now when the year is changing so #WeWantAnnouncementSRK trend is.

#WeWantAnnouncementSRK under protest, speak their minds are writing. Wrote A ‘Khan Saab, a lot happened. I zero since no have not seen the movie. Now you have no good news to give you, then a ‘splash’ by give or Atlee Kumar’s next film by.’

Unecessary ‘Twitter handle’ tweet is ‘if you a January until your next movie announce not if I suicide will do that. I repeat I am that I suicide will do that.’ A fan wrote, ‘Sir, rest is the movie that unions use. Allah is with you.’

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