For Samsung Galaxy S11 can come in five variants and 3 sizes | Samsung Galaxy S11 five variants and size 3 can come in


Digital desk, Seoul. The smartphone manufacturer company Samsung soon your new handset Galaxy S11 launch can. Recently an American tech blogger claimed that the coming Galaxy S11 three screen size – the smaller 6.2-inch, mid-size 6.4-inch and the largest 6.7 inj size as the front can come.

Ivan Blas has also claimed that the sport covered-edge display of the total five variants won. GSM Arena, according to the connectivity of the smartphone to two small variants 5G and LTE will come, while the large ones are 6.7 variants in just the 5G will be.

Earlier, the well-known list ice University claimed the way that Your by the beginning of this year launched 108MP a petrol to ISO cell bright ArcaMax sensor the Galaxy S 11 not in use will bring. Instead he upgrade second Jane of the sensors will use.

Reports, according to the Galaxy S11 of the launch event in February, 2020 for the third week in San Francisco in May.

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