GHOSTBUSTERS 3: AFTERLIFE Official Trailer (2020) Paul Rudd, Bill Murray Movie HD

GHOSTBUSTERS 3: AFTERLIFE Official Trailer (2020) Paul Rudd, Bill Murray Movie HD

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When a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind.

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  1. Because when I think "Ghostbusters" I immediately think of school children having an "adventure" in rural America, because small towns, kids in grade-school, and wacky hi-jinks are all exactly what I associate with the original movie. Buster-Babies! Coming to a theater near you… but you may want to not be in said theater when it does.

  2. Not convinced…maybe a different trailer…most likely I won’t pay to go see it…I’ll watch it on boot leg site …I hope I’m wrong and it’s good

  3. I love the 2016 film. And I think this film will be good too. All the films are quite entertaining. 😃 Life is too short to act like some movie critic. What happen to just enjoying a movie? Or maybe some of you can be screen writers and come with some ideas for a movie?

  4. This actually pisses me off that they tried a feminist reboot of Ghostbusters before doing this. Why is Hollywood so fucking stupid? Why wasn't this movie the first thing they thought of and tried to release? God dammit, fuck you, Hollywood. Thank you for finally doing the right thing and putting your talent towards entertainment instead of ideology, but seriously, fuck you though.

  5. ok I grew up with the ghostbusters movies and when they came out with the "All Women" cast it felt stupid, it was too political, too Women are better than men. This right Here tho. this is the way it should have been. I am glad this is coming out. it makes sense. it adds to the original story just right. I hope they continue it too with a new one after this with these kids.

  6. It's going to be hard to suspend belief that allowing children running around with "nuclear accelerators " on their backs without adults being present is going to feel nostalgic


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