Gmail for iOS gets New Material Theme, Shortly after Android


A week ago, Google moved out the theme for Gmail on Android, by giving a new look to the app along with the new design language of the Material theme. Now, Google is moving out a similar theme change for its Gmail app on iOS, so iPhone and iPad users on Gmail would notice the changes on their apps starting this week. Hence, Google’s theme is slowly changing all of its software products, with having got treatment a while ago on its Web app.

The Gmail users will automatically get the update even if they haven’t updated to the latest version of the app. The Gmail app will be updated as a server-side which meant that users wouldn’t have to manually update the app. The new themeĀ moved outĀ for Android smartphones and tablets a week ago and now making its way to iOS. This would take some days to get notice all the changes in the Gmail.

The new changes include red bands and colorful appearance of the app, replacing it with the whiter appearance of the new theme. The white color is said to make it easier to find emails while searching for specific emails or attachments is also a key feature of the new Material theme.

It includes the new font, compose button and changed the method for switching accounts within the app. As mentioned, Google has been moving its apps and services to the Material theme, with the Web-based apps. Various Google apps across Android and iOS, including Gmail, Keep, and Maps have seen the refreshed theme being implemented.

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