Gmail Is Bringing A Unique Feature, Now Attachments Can Be Sent Without Downloading

Gmail Is Bringing A Unique Feature, Now Attachments Can Be Sent Without Downloading

Google the company’s email service Gmail for its customers an unsurpassed feature has come. Gmail without having to download attachment in the email sending feature to start going. Google company said in a blog post said, “We have you heard that such conditions are, where the email attach a different email to send more than is right, such as when a subject associated with the message you want to send. This new Technics is now fine, you can do the same.”

Indeed now the users emails to forward to him before Download don’t need to do. Google Now Gmail emails attachment on the forward to feature is to give. If still the users attachments emails to forward to him download has to and then those attachments one-by-one ADD makes.

New feature if you have no e-mail anyone forward would like to if you attachment download not must, but rather you get it directly be able to send. As soon as this feature will start if three-dot menu in a new ‘forward edge attachments’ option will appear.

User a new email when sending to either the Attach button you can use or A-with many emails, you can select and three-dot menu in the ‘forward edge attachments’ option you can search. This feature starting next month is likely to be.

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Published: 30 Dec 2019 10:39 PM

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