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Gnana Serukku Movie Trailer | Dharani rajendran | Gnanaserukku | Pride of wisdom |

Gnanaserukku (Pride of wisdom) is a tamil feature film yet to be released commercially around the world. Project started as a small expense try to gain knowledge about film making, but it slowly grew as a professional standard film and reached its destination with the help of strong technicians. So far Gnanaserukku achieved 6 International awards and more than 15 international official selection & nominations and still counting …

Gnanaserukku (Pride of wisdom) script was written by myself (Dharani rajendran,Director of the film). I am Basically an engineering graduate, following completed Diploma in cinematography.

I lost interest in engineering in my second year and started to give attention to movies but somehow successfully completed my engineering degree. In my college days we used to skip the class and will go to movies to pass time. Soon it became an addiction and we will be in theatre for 2 to 3 days in 5 working days of the week. As days passed i found myself that my future will be film making.

2012 completed my degree and i had no idea how to start carrier in film industry and i had no idea about film making and language. I tried to get contacts from here and there from neighbourhood to miles away and somehow i ended up with a amateur groups. Days got spoiled with them. I decided to leave them and joined a film school.

Joined cinematography in 2012-13.while studying, i started to make short films.i had done nearly 10 short film but mostly each one was an amateur. More than anyone(including my film mentor) short films thought me lot about making films.From each film i slowly gained technical knowledge about making.Between i stepped to every lead directors to assist them but things were not working as we expect.

Completed my cinematography in 2013-14.I don’t wish to spend time waiting for the assistances call.So i decided to make more short films with minimum(zero)budget in different genre to gain and test my skills in film making.Now i wrote 4 different scripts in 4 different genre and planned to shoot them one by one.This time every thing came into shape and we were satisfied with the output and a short film got re awarded as best and got us some money.Following that, i decided to make another film with little investment. This film we planned to involve more cg works and decided to shoot(most of the scene) in a single green matte room.with the following months i successfully completed the film and it looked very much like a feature film than a short film.With that i gained confidence to make a feature film,approached few production house but the answer was negative.

With the help of my editor i met “veera santhanam”(later he became gnanaserukku’s lead actor) for our production approach.He connected me with his friend for our future guidance.I screened him my last short film.After seeing he told my movie was a waste and fits in garbage.He explained me how the film should be approached and how i approached the filmThe foundation of the film must stand with the strong script and the script should have its original identity and colour.With a Very strong script and with a medium budget and average making we can be able to give a promising output but without a strong script and with a very high budget movie will be worthless.My short film which was screened lacks a strong script.I started to work on that area.I stopped production approach.

More books came into my life. I concentrated in Literatures & Histories and the following one year i lived with books and movies.Mean while relation with veera santhanam became thicker and enlightened me,made my vision deeper and stronger.In late 2015 i decided to write a script Gnanaserukku (Pride of wisdom).

Gnanaserruku team
Director Dharani Rajendran(Director)
Producer Pani(Producer) Jagathrakshagan(Producer)
Dop Gopi duraiswamy(Dop)
Editor G.Mahendran(Editor)
Bob phukan(Sound design),
kannan & Joe(Sound design)
Makeup & Hairstylist
Raja(Make up)
Daniel(Make up)
Lyricist Neithal(Lyricist)
Rappers Dope machas (Rappers) & kavi isai vallavan(Rappers)
Secretkeys (Vfx )
Logeshwaran(DI )
Direction team(Art)
Assistant Directors
Bharathi mahendran(Asst.directors)
Asst Dop
Appu(Asst.dop) & Dharma(Asst.dop)
Key cast
Oviyar Veera Santhanam (LEAD ROLE)
Veera eyinan (Supporting Role)
Thamizh Maran (Antagonist)

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  1. ஞா na செருக்கன் நேரில் கலந்து பார்த்தோம் பட இயக்குனர் தயாரிப்பாளர் &team சிறப்பு விருந்தினர் அறிவர் dr திரு மாவளவன் வாழ்க வெல்க சாதி வெறி மதவெறியான்க ல் மரம் வெட்டி ராமதாஸ் கேவலமான திரவுபதி காண்டா மிருக மோகன் ஜி எனும் மையிறு ஜி செல்லும் பிற் போக்கு காலத்தில் நல்ல படம் ஞா na செருக்கன் super உண்மை

  2. ஞா na செருக்கு படம் super ஆக ஓடும் ஓட வேண்டும் b coz மனிதநேயம் சமத்துவம் கொண்டதாக இருக்கிறது அதுவும் பிற்போக்கு பிழைப்பு வாத கும்ப ல்கள் மரம் வெட்டி ராமதாஸ் திரவுபதி காண்டா மிருகம் மோகன்ஜி ஆணவ் கூலி கும்ப ல்கள் மனிதர்களை பிற்காலத்தில் அழைத்து செல்லும் இந்த காலத்தில் நல்ல படம் ஞா na செருக்கன் இயக்குனர் தரணி ராஜேந்திரன் தயாரிப்பாளர் &team பாராட்டுக்குரியவர்கல் அதுவும் நல்ல மனிதர் அறிவாளி தலைவர் dr திரு மாவளவன் பொற்கரங்கலால் வாழ்த்த பட்டது சூப்பர் very nice வீரத்த மிழர் சொல்கிறோம்

  3. படம் நிச்சயம் பெரியதாக பேசப்படும் நான் நம்புகிறேன் வாழ்த்துக்கள்


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