Good Newwz FIVE day Box Office Collection One Step Far To 100 Crores

Good Newwz FIVE day Box Office Collection One Step Far To 100 Crores

Good Newwz Box Office: Superstar Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor’s film ‘Good News’ at the box office fantastic performance, are. Movie release five days and at the box office 94 crore and Cross are done. These film now 100 million figure of the cross to merely a few away. Film the critics ‘ good review and ratings are met, whose bearing film of the earnings on the clean look is to get.

The fifth day i.e. Mangala this film hasn 16.20 crore tremendous earning. Additionally the film’s collection 94.60 crore has to be. That is believed to be the New Year on the sidelines of these film and even better performance to you. Film of the earnings of these statistics after viewing clear that these film-New Year on the occasion of the 100 crore club entry will do it. Here see the film of Davis earning:

1. Friday – 17.56 crore
2. Saturday – 21.78 crore
3. Sunday – 25.65 crore
4. Monday – 13.41 crore
5.Tuesday – 16.20 crores
Total earnings – 94.60 crore

Low-budget film to get such a fantastic reaction from the makers are quite happy. Movie trailer of the social media on the fantastic response received was such in the audience of the film is also quite eagerly awaiting was. It can affect the film’s earnings at the time. These comedy film of IVF on the issue have remained.

Tell note that the year 2018 of The Last Movie ‘: Simba’ also on January 1, the same 100 million involved in the club was there now 2019’s last release ‘good news’ also on January 1, the same 100 million in the club will get involved.

Let me tell you that this film 3100 screens on the release have been. From this perspective, also the movie collection is quite good. The film’s unique story with the audience in the film Akshay-Kareena-and-diet-Kiara’s performance also quite like are coming. Film critic and audience is quite a good review-rating is received. This movie Raj Mehta has direct have.

Here see the trailer of the movie:

Published: 01 Jan 2020 12:37 PM

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