Google has announced Android 10 for Android TV along with a new piece of hardware in Hindi

Google has announced Android 10 for Android TV along with a new piece of hardware in Hindi

Eventually Android TV to Android 10 update roll out has begun to be. This month until the end of your SmartTV to receive this update will be. It just smartv not only digital media player, set-top box and soundbar is all-inclusive.

Software in addition to Google’s developers for the latest streaming dongle is also present, then let us their details know:

Android TV for Android 10

Here on which is the biggest change so Android API Level is 29. In addition new Android 10 device’s performance and security and improves. But if you like the visual changes expected to do so, so no special change is not.

With it here on the latest TLS protocol also get to see. I.e. you up better data security with secure storage also will.

Performance improvements in addition to Android 10 especially on the platform on the security of considerable attention.

By the way if the update is good enough but it’s just the whole side will not appear, because for now the manufacturer for this hardware update will still roll out, in a little time will take.

ADT-3 streaming dongle

Google said this latest streaming dongle, the ADT-3 which gave the name to listen in seems quite odd. On developers give it for no particular doesn’t matter.

The company is therefore introduced so that developers ahead of Android TV to the latest apps as Which Android 10 soon on the public release also be.

It is pre-certified TV dongle you quad-core A53 processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM and 4K@60fps HDR HDMI 2.1 output with joins.

The user, which they want to buy that soon in the coming months it OEM partner through can buy.


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