Google Pixel 4A can get punch-hole display | Google pixel 4A can get in is punch-hole display


Digital desk, San Francisco. Giant Google soon your latest smartphone Pixel 4A will launch. Its preparation the company is doing, while the handset attached to the leaked informations also come to the fore are. Recent reports according to Google Pixel 4A in a punch-hole display can be.

Is to be expected that the beginning of next year in going to be the Google I/O 2020 developers conference the launch it can be.

Active tipster unless and 91 mobile according to the Pixel 3A to take the position of coming Google Pixel 4A in this skilfully may have. Google October, in the Pixel 4 launch was. But the company said it launched in India decided not to.

New leaks, according to the Pixel 4A the design of the Pixel 4 is quite similar to that. But where the pixels 4 in the dual sensor back-side has been. The 4A, just a single camera sensor might.

9 to 5 Google dot com according to the report, its extra there is a rear fingerprint sensor, 3.5 mm headphone jack and USB-C port and down the side of the speaker can be given.

Reports of well pixels 5.7 and 5.8 inch display front-facing camera sensor for the punch-hole will use, so its predecessor pixels 3A than in the belts much more slim appear.

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