Google Pixel 4a renders reveal the Punch-Hole Display and Solo Rear Camera quote

Google Pixel 4a renders reveal the Punch-Hole Display and Solo Rear Camera quote

Google Pixel 4a
Source: 91mobiles

Google said it distinctly has told of Pixel 3a series, namely, the Pixel 3 of a little trim down series because of the company’s cell has gone up significantly. Now the company has also upgraded variant, i.e. the Pixel 4a is also to launch perhaps the preparation is given. Pixel 4a connected to the render, even today comes in front, then let’s look is complete information on:

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Google Pixel 4a are associated with leaked information

Pixel 4a in front of The came rendered in distinctly punch-hole display appears. On the rear side of it to lightly bump with a single camera would have been. If the pattern seen so there you 12.2 MP camera sensor has been. This from the last pixel that single camera sensor was given. Latest trend according to the might of Google there is an extra sensor may also be.

Display of thing to so it has 5.7-inch or 5.8-inch screen also can be found. In addition display around the base enough to get the same. Punch hole with can have the company of some new-to-side of the step increase be getting.

Ends phone in white colour is visible in which the company Clearly White or Just White from the name might offer. In addition you black or no colour option also can be given.

Google Pixel 4a

Camera sensor in addition to you behind Google’s branding and the fingerprint sensor can also. In addition the orange color of the power button also appears Hiya and this kind of design before we even see who is good enough also mirrored.

Down the side of the USB Type C port and the speaker grill also view the can get. Upwards you headphone jack also get. Phone of measurements expected according to 144.2×69.5×8.2 mm May while weight here always like the lighter itself will be placed.

Google Pixle 4a launch

Google Pixel 4a series probably from Google I/O in 2020, the launch can be. As you know that this is the first interstitials Eye information according to the phone you Snapdragon 730 or SD765 chipset to get. With 4GB RAM and 64GB storage option also can get.


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