Google Pixel phone review

The Pixel and Pixel XL “Phone by Google” are the first true Google phones. Subscribe:

They stack up against the best phones on the market and have the Google Assistant inside. Also, great cameras!

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  1. Hey is Google pixel still good in 2018? I'm planning on buying a nrw phone, mostly phone todays cost alot of money and not that good even with high specs so I tried to look for old phone and i found out that pixel cost less now and i really want this phone back when it first released. Pls help should i buy Google pixel?

  2. It's a bummer Microsoft is being bullied by Google and Apple on the phone market, Windows Phone is simply the best, just too few apps and support for it… Therefore i am contemplating switching to Android, but i will only do so if i can have a phone by actual Google. I like Cortana, but she is probably stupider than the google counterpart. What i have a gripe with though is the UI look. If i can change it to look like Windows Phone 10 UI, that will help a lot. And ofcourse as long as it has all the customizability of the Windows Phone, maybe i can be persuaded into buying a Google Android phone.

  3. It’s an iPhone 7 knock off! It’s look identical nearly. Nearly ever feature of the interface was copied directly from iOS. Hence all the law suits and them losing all the time. How about come up with something new and make Apple push its limits. iPhone 8 and X will blow this out of the water


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