Govt Launched Ceir Portal In Delhi Ncr To Track Missing And Theft Mobile Phones – now the stolen or lost mobile phone will find easy, such make use of this facility

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Now in Delhi-NCR stolen, missing or looted while mobile phone find will be extremely easy. Central communications, electronic and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Monday said the Lieutenant Governor Anil Basel with a new portal has launched. This portal on Delhi-NCR’s Mobile is lost or stolen on the straight ticket Lodge will be able to. Only people with a government visiting the website of the number Block also can.

5.36 million mobile users benefit

Subsequently, the mobile country in any telecom circle and in any telecom company on the network will not work. The government’s move to large-scale ongoing mobile theft on the events of the curb. The government of this service from 5.36 million mobile users will benefit. For your information let me tell that this service first in Mumbai, was launched.

Launching during Ravi Shankar Prasad said that now Delhi and NCR users mobile is lost or stolen, on the Visiting the site can lodge complaints. However, people in the police and also lodge a complaint with Will. Telecom Secretary Anshu light Pointed out that any corner of the country if the stolen mobile is being used will, then his location will know and trek will be. Through which the police that mobile to easily reach it. This mobile theft in the incidence of fat will decline.

Steal of the events will look at Halter

The telecom secretary said that the theft of mobile country in any corner of the is being used, then the site his or her location information will. The police also thieves to easily reach will. According to the report, in Delhi, Nearly 40,000 phone stolen or missing are.

Such to used this service

If your phone is lost or has been stolen, so first you FIR Lodge will be. Thereafter Visiting the site with ID The police complaint copy of the Must upload. Subsequently, the dot your number and the IMEI block will make. Right there, it makes your numbers wrong use will not. Central Equipment Identity Register first in Mumbai was included, where yet on 309 complaints lodged from it and 142 mobile phone trace have been there.

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