Health: in the cold don’t allow the vitamins 'C' lack of, can be these diseases

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Digital Desk, Mumbai. Body healthy to keep many of the nutrients required. It is the nutrient our body to strengthen the work. Especially vitamin C, which our body’s immunity increases and the body in anti-oxidant in the form of functions. But in the cold we often vitamin C-rich food party on not pay attention, resulting in the body’s immunity is affected and many diseases of aging increases the likelihood of.

In the body may have these disease

Lack of vitamin C in the body weakness, pain in the legs and fatigue-like problem arises. Not only does its lack of your temperament in even irritability that can come. Therefore, intake of vitamin C to do for us is important. Its intake from cancer and heart problems risk is reduced.

Asthma patients to beneficial vitamin C

Asthma people suffering for vitamin C intake is very important is. Because vitamin C in the body, asthma is responsible for histamine production is reduced and the asthma and respiratory related problems reduces the risk of is. So asthma suffering people in the body, vitamin C deficiency, not a note.

These substances is vitamin C.

Vitamin C for the fulfillment of you citrus fruit intake should. Amla and oranges of vitamin C enough source. Bell pepper is also vitamin C is found. Its lack of fulfillment for you monk intake can also.

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Vitamin C Is Good For Our Health Increase The Immunity
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