Hina Khans First Film Hacked Will Be Released On 31 Jan 2020, Vikram Bhatt

Hina Khans First Film Hacked Will Be Released On 31 Jan 2020, Vikram Bhatt

‘Big Boss’ fame Hina Khan soon on the big screen step keep going. Recently his film ‘Hard’ release date announce is granted. Hina Khan’s first film next year on January 31 will release. In this movie, Hina Khan with Rohan Shah, Mohit Malhotra and Sid maker Johar . Film directed Vikram Bhatt are.

The film’s release date announce at the time from the movie Hina Khan The first look is also released. This look at Hina Khan kept smiling eye are coming back to Vikram Bhatt stand eye are coming. Let me tell you that this film is a thriller in which will be the social media attached to the story will be visible.

Your film unions, while Hina Khan was told that his film online hacking is attached to. He made his film unions, while, wrote, “Facebook, Instagram on social media, including our many private informations are available. If no it’s up to whether if he Front life of mayhem in the making, and that’s my story which is the basis of these days is quite common is.”

‘Hack’ also Hina Khan near many of the projects are. In addition he Hussain Khan of the women-centric film ‘lines’ also will be seen. The film’s shooting is almost over is derived. The film ‘lines’ 90s K is based on. There is henna with Rishi Bhutani and Farida Jalal are also.

Also Hina Khan is a web series in sight are coming. This Hina Khan actor study Suman with screen share, and will be seen. Soon the web show ‘damage’ the second of the season in sight will come. This web show is a psychological crime drama. The show-directed solitude can will.

Published: 20 Nov 2019 10:55 AM

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