History of Tibetan medicine 3800 years old | Tibetan medicine the history of 3800 years old


Beijing, November 17 (ani). Tibetan medicine and medicine in China High-Tibet Plateau, the natural sciences, life sciences, philosophy, social science of the practice of crystallization is. It is the Chinese ancient medical science of the treasure, whose over 3,800 years of old history.

Tibetan medicine establishment of the University’s 30th anniversary in Lhasa held. China’s first Tibetan Medical University in 30 years the university has more than seven thousand Tibetan medicine talents to be trained.

Tibetan Medical University president of animation, said that development in a long process of Tibetan medicine by the legacy of a long history, complete theoretical system, rich practical experience, full discipline, diagnosis, and treatment of specific features and diverse cultural carrier is formed, which is the Chinese nation’s outstanding traditional culture is an important part of.

China’s National Traditional Chinese medicine Administration Bureau of human Department of Education vice-president of the Chiang sheen of SHA is the idea that Tibet play an important role in addition, in recent years, China and the world in Tibetan medicine widely effects have also been, it has Tibetan areas in a complete and effective Tibetan medical service system is set up.

(Sincerely-China Radio International, Meeting)

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