Housefull 4 Marjaavaan Sound Technician Dies Reports Hint At lot of stress that resulted in shooting up his blood pressure

Housefull 4, Marjaavaan के साउंड टेक्निशियन की मौत, काम के दबाव के कारण फटी दिमाग की नसें

Publish Date: | Mon, 25 Nov 2019 01:31 PM (IST)

Housefull 4, Marjaavaan the Sound Technician of the brain here have died of. Many hit films of the sound having worked on youngster and talented technicians net Plc to the high blood pressure caused by brain here and that is why their died. At the moment they have a web series to were working. That being said they of the day or night, the whole time for it to complete the work engaged in lived. This excessive work caused his health deteriorated and the brain vein burst been. Name the ‘bypass road’ and also for work done, which in the recent the release was.

This news then in the discussion came when the famous filmmaker and journalist Khalid Mohammad by the name of death connected to a tweeted. ‘Come dot com’ the tweets of your news is mentioned in and quoted sources said that the name of work on the excessive burden and had to work the same because of the stress, their BP increased causing the brain here been.

Name the age of merely 29 years old was. Khalid has his tweets written in ‘Sound Technician name Plc’s 29 years of age the death occurred. These technicians only Hindi cinema of the spine consists. But no one knows who their care? All organizations, stars and producers to wake it up is time to go.’

Khalid’s tweets on real cocotte has also written. Oscar-winning Real have said ‘Thank you that you talked about this. Dear Bollywood… basically the world in the US and how the agreement to cancellation. The answer is by becoming my friend went to.’

Please tell the film that the quick release of pressure most post-production on the team is. The filmmaker wants to film the shoot the whole are the same, that’s the earliest release to be. In such post-production teams work day and night, and the default date on the movie release The provides are.

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