How to Setup Twinkly LED Christmas Tree Lights to your phone review

How to setup Twinkly smart Christmas lights on your tree with Twinkly phone app, interested in these products see list below.. smart plug -
Twinkly LED sting lights-
Twinkly animated Tree-
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  1. Have some questions (sorry ‘bout double comment). Can you get the smart outlet & use w/ Alexa app w/ normal Xmas light or “things”? Also, do you need the smart plug &/or an Alexa; if just want the TWINKLY LED lights w/o tree (know need the TWINKLY App though to run the RGB Lights)?
    Thx for vid & sorry for 2 comments

  2. RGB PC, okay; RGB TV, okay; RGB Monitors, sure. RGB Xmas lights, well, yeah!; BUT an RGB controlled Xmas tree, WHAT! EVERYTHING is RGB nowadays🤣🤣.
    Gotta admit, does look great, & viewing lights thru a camera isn’t the easiest to do; especially color correction etc…
    GREAT JOB in the Video👍🏻 Pretty nice setup & know some ppl that would NEED this🤣
    Happy Holidays 🎅🏻❄️

  3. Oh dear you have changed Devon's settings…….I liked his settings….. This is the best solution as to the trees in the 1960 with the dim filament globe that pop and you spend hours trying to find the dead globe…. Also the train at the bottom of the tree has a nice finish and I would automate it as well…..enjoy the tree….


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