Huawei brushes away threat news, might sue the US Government


Chinese telecom giant Huawei insisted on Wednesday its products feature no security “backdoors” for the government, as the ordinarily secretive company gave foreign media a peek inside its state-of-the-art facilities.

Huawei has kicked off this year with an aggressive PR campaign to counter US warnings that it could be used by Beijing for cyberespionage and sabotage, with reclusive founder Ren Zhengfei denying the fears in a series of foreign media interviews.

The charm offensive went into another gear Wednesday as Huawei welcomed news organizations to its facilities in southern Guangdong province.
That included a stop at Huawei’s Independent Cyber Security Laboratory, whose director Wang Jin waved off the US fears.

“Our most basic red line is that our products cannot have any backdoors,” Wang said. Journalists also toured a considerable factory floor with 35 highly automated assembly lines in the city of Dongguan, where an array of robotic arms put together a Huawei P20 smartphone every 28.5 seconds.

The payout appears to indicate that the profit growth as well as confidence the company is capable of surviving U.S. accusations which reveals that their telecoms network equipment may enable reconnaissance by the Chinese government. It was the report according to analysts.

Famous for its so-called “wolf culture” which demands high levels of dedication from employees in exchange for high pay, Huawei Technologies Ltd owns that some 80,000 of its workers own nearly all of the company’s shares. it is a scheme which we can view as unique for a firm of this size. The cash dividend in the year 2018 per share is expected to shoot up to 1.05 yuan per share from 1.02 yuan.


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