Huawei has Pleaded not Guilty to US Trade Secrets Theft Charges


Huawei has pleaded not guilty to several charges of theft and fraud of industrial secrets in a courtroom in Seattle.

Huawei is now responding to 10 accusations on total against both Huawei Co and Huawei USA. Apart from attempted theft and theft charges, Huawei is also accused of obstruction of Justice and wire fraud.

If the company is found guilty they are obliged to pay a whopping amount of 5 million USD or three times the value of the details they have stolen; they have to pay the one which has more value.

The US district judge Ricardo S. Martinez has set a date on March 2020 for the trial. The court will be told about all the alleged theft details of a robot that has been used by T-mobile for testing the devices.

The prosecutors has claimed that one of the visiting members of the Huawei staff has actually detached the T-mobile robot which was used to test smartphones and took measurements of its arms as well as took the pictures of the robot too.  The company has claimed that the employee did the detachment on his own and the company has nothing to do with it. They also fired the employee.

Huawei’s CEO is already facing charges from the banks of New York. Meng Wanzhou, the CEO of Huawei is currently in Canada and is waiting for extradition. It has been alleged that he is channeling funds via a foreign subsidiary by breaking the sanctions against Iran.

Huawei is now about to face the FBI sting as a hidden microphone has recorded the employees agreeing of stealing a piece of technology for China which violates the agreements that they have made with America. The trade talks between the two countries aren’t coming out satisfactorily.

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