Huawei Mate SE Review: Best Budget Phone Of 2018?

Huawei Mate SE Review: Best Budget Phone Of 2018?

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  1. This phone is great just got it August 2019 still a really great phone pretty pissed the 7x gets emui 9 but Huawei Mate SE doesn't.. But the fluidity of this phone makes it a winner regardless and I'm sure any Rom support for 7x will work on this I love it so far!!

  2. with which companies it is compatible I have one and it has no signal with any I do not know what to put it or how to solve this problem since it is supposed to be released

  3. The phone is a good phone and I really enjoyed it for the two months it operated for me. Sadly it failed in the middle of a call just shut off and never came back. I have been denied a warranty repair they claim the moisture detector was activated. the phone has never gotten near water. sadly they manufacture reasons not to repair phone and now I am out $250. I can recommend the phone it works well and is a speed demon, just don't expect honest warranty coverage. good luck.

  4. Oh my god! Thank you for actually REVIEWING the phone. All I see these days are specs on the screen with horrible music playing in the background. I've subscribed and look forward to more of your videos. I'd love to know if you still like this phone as much all these months later. I'm on Metro and am planning on pulling the trigger and snatching this up now. Anyways, thanks again!

  5. Beware this phone automatically dims the display on certain apps to obtain better battery life, at least was my experience on my device. It's quite annoying. You can't do anything to fix it either. Huawei knows about the problem for a while now and still it persists. Will not recommend this device because of this issue until patched.

  6. Can't decide on new phone. Was about to checkout on b&h but, forgot they don't take orders on Saturday. I don't see AC/wifi listed on the specs but, everything else besides usb c sounds good. I don't have any spare usb c cables anyway so it's NBD to me. This the best i'm gonna do?

  7. To the reviewer, you mentioned screen protectors but there are no links. Which would you recommend? So many of the listings on Amazon have received horrible user reviews as basically being trash. And THANK YOU for your reviews, they are the most complete and concise that I've ever viewed.


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